The Tree

December 8, 2008
By Chelsea Frazer, Norwalk, IA

Multiply then divide no power here
Come and add or subtract to your hair
Reduce and evaluate the base
Look an octagon; think of all of the pi you’ll taste
Lift the circumference to the top to reach the numerator
Oh no! The perimeter; back down to the denominator
Now what was the percentage of area in the work of symmetry?
Oh! Order of operation, now I see
Equations aren’t as easy as I thought
If I didn’t have to do graphs that would be so hot
A foot ahead is all I need
Please get me off this factor tree

The author's comments:
The initial challenge of this poem, was to use at least 22 math terms. Now being in 8th grade and not a very experience writing; I'd say that this would be a great way to get your thought going.

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