Washing it down the drain.

December 8, 2008
I am from Canada,
the home to my freedom and where my heart is.
I am from Nova Scotia,
a little more then some east coast tourist province.
I am from Lantz,
where my biggest dreams and fears have been created.
I am from my over-sized house,
but not from my home.

I am from burning fires and raging fights,
making me who I am but tearing me apart.
I am from empty families and broken dads,
where being "the rock" was too much to handle.
I am from disappearing sisters and over-worked mothers,
where happiness comes in a pill bottle.
I am from the Burrus family,
where creating your own name is next to impossible.

I am from long summer days,
spent in Ontario where true happiness lies.
I am from little green bottles,
draining all the pain away.
I am from over-indulging in my favorite foods,
to filling the void that can't be touched.
I am from broken promises,
and material items.

I am from me.
I will make my own name and fight my own fights.
I am from who I decide to be and not who you create.
I am from too much suffering and pain.
I am Nichole.
I will decide the rest.

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