December 11, 2008
By Hayley Goodman, Miami Beach, FL

I must say a word about love. It is life’s only true infatuation. Only love can give life true meaning. It is complex and brings forth other emotions, how well I know. It has no boundaries, cannot be controlled, shows no prejudice. It goes to your most vulnerable spot, which it finds with startling simplicity. It begins in your heart, always. One moment you are feeling anxious, passionless, alone. Then love, disguised in the oyster with a secret pearl inside, slips into your mind nonchalantly like a mirage. Attraction meets desire and desire tries to ignore attraction. But desire is an inadequately equipped soldier unready for battle. Attraction attempts to do away with it with much difficulty. You become confused. Reason comes to do the confrontation for you. You are comforted. Reason is fully equipped with all that will be needed in this battle. But, to your amazement, despite better strategies and several examples of defeat, reason comes out of this battle neither triumphant nor victorious. You feel yourself giving in. Your realization becomes reality.

Love next turns to your entire existence, which was already aware of something unfamiliar going on. Already your heart begins to thump like the uneasy rhythm of a drummer still gaining confidence with his newfound skill and your mind begins to float away on a cloud like a butterfly taking flight for the first time. Now your lips speak their name for the millionth time it seems like a record playing the same sweet lullaby over and over, while your jaw starts to curve into an upward position on the spot, a smile. Your senses pick up taking in every detail. Your muscles begin to loosen as if you are in your favorite spot and your knees begin to shake from under you as if you were standing for the first time. Your heart pumps wildly, while your movements become steady, too steady. And so with the rest of your body. Every part of you, in the manner it’s most efficient, come together. Only your eyes can see what’s happening. They always pay proper attention to love.

Quickly you start making illogical decisions. You dismiss your last allies: decision making and sticking to habit. There, you’ve overwhelmed yourself. Love, which is but an emotion, has overcome you.

The matter is almost impossible to put into words. For love, real love, such as travels in you to your core, such as you feel when you are brought face to face with your wildest dreams becoming truth, remaining in your memory like a photograph: it seems to make everything improve, even the words of which to speak of it. So you must fight hard to keep it not just a distant recollection. You must fight hard to bring light upon such a perfect subject, so all can experience it. Because if you don’t if your love becomes a sensation you ignore, perhaps even manage to overlook altogether, you open yourself to further encounters with love because you never truly gave in to the companion who helped you.

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