December 11, 2008
By Karlee-Renee Miller, Pueblo, CO

I have been traveling for a long time.
I went toa sea to a lake
That ended up being a mistake
I started getting older and gloomy in this murky lake
Its hard to be a brown, scratched up fish.
I've been hurting for some time now.

Then all of a sudden one day
This woman caught me
I have been hooked five times with strings still out of my mouth.
She ended up destracting me with this rainbow bait
This was different from everyone elses it had sparkles
She caught me and brought me on to her old rusty red boat.
This woman looked at me and she had great sympathy in he eyes
I thought to myself just kill me I'm in enough pain,
That lady had other plans in store for me.
Instead watching my insides and blood as red as that bait that came out of me.
She ended up releasing me

After she had put me back all I could thin is kill me
I'm tired and I'm a faded browm.
Then all f a sudden
I got hooked again
This man got me he was in a nice prepared blue boat.
I thought good he will not let me go
He put me back
All I could think is please just let me die.
I'm tired oif being in pain
Then all of a sudden a bigger fish ate me.

The author's comments:
This poem is so sad but put to the test how animals feel when you put things in them to kill them.

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