Im Just a Girl

December 11, 2008
ok i get it

i know its over now

so just go away

you dont have to stay

i see ur happy

and all i do is make u sad

well i dont need u

all u do is make me mad

andi know ill love u

but thats just a think

so just go away

u dont have to stay

there is someone new

your not the only one through

he is nice

and he is great

its time to move on

thats my thing

i loved u once

but that was just a stage

It can all change

in just a couple of days

u have moved on

and that makes me feel bad

but im moving on to

and so now i cant feel sad

do u really think ill wait

just cause u need a break

ohh no im not that way

its over now baby

so i hope ur glad

cause u ruined our one and only chance

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