Long Walk

December 11, 2008
Long walk with no where to go
Long walk through a hard mind
Long walk between love and hate
Long walk to no where
I use to walk with you
But now I am no longer able to
I wanted to always be there
But I was unable to keep myself put together
I wanted more love then you could give
I needed more love then you could offer
No one would remember us together
No one had ever really seen us together
I would take that walk with you
Down the road filled with hate
Yet we are no longer together
So what is the point?
I loved you like no other
I wanted you like no other
I would have held you like no other could have
I would have been your everything
If you had let me
The long walk that I take now
Is all by myself
The long walk that I wanted to take
Would have been with you
There are many long walks that we must take in our lives
I hope one day I will get to take them all with you

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