A Sestina for Jared Leto

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

The music that Jared
made easily became famous.
He started out as an actor,
but later turned musician.
With his black hair tipped with red, he created 30 Seconds to Mars.

For a while after making 30 Seconds to Mars,
he spent time singing and playing guitar for them. Jared
changed the style of his hair
several times. Although that is not how he got famous.
It is because he is an excellent musician
as well as an excellent actor.

In Girl, Interrupted, he was a featured actor.
In 30 Seconds to Mars
he is the lead musician.
Singing, acting, and playing guitar have made Jared
rise up from the unknown to be famous.
It also helped that he has excellent hair.

In one movie, he had to lose almost all of his hair.
It was called Lonely Hearts and he was a lead actor.
I’m not sure if it’s famous.
30 Seconds to Mars
portrays Jared
through singing and playing guitar as an exceptional musician.

Along with the music that this musician
makes, I love his hair.
If I had to choose the guy who had the best hair, I would choose Jared.
He doesn’t always have good hair while being an actor.
It is usually best when he is with 30 Seconds to Mars.
This might have helped him to become famous.

A few other things that might have helped him to be famous
were becoming a musician
through his band 30 Seconds to Mars,
the many styles that his hair
goes through, and the fact that he is an actor.
All of these contributed to the notoriety of Jared.

Many things factor into Jared becoming famous were becoming famous.
The fact that he’s an actor and an excellent musician,
his great hair, and his band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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