Everything i said

December 11, 2008
By sidnee mill, Covington, KY

If everything I said
Was everything I meant,

Then why do all I feel
Is a feeling of regret?

Maybe I overreacted
For that I take the blame

But you didn’t chase after me
You felt I wasn’t yours to claim

For that I cried all night
But never let you see my pain

I hide my frowns behind smiles
Knowing there was nothing to gain

So I sit here sorrow
Knowing it is all on me

But were you so blind
That you just couldn’t see

I didn’t want to leave you
I just felt so scared

That maybe for once
I found someone that cared

You may find that silly
Or make fun of me

But it scared me so much
Knowing you could see
Everything that I could be

So there is my final note
The explanation you have been wanting

As I sit here I can remember our love
And the feeling is haunting

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