here i will sit

December 11, 2008
By sidnee mill, Covington, KY

i sat there today missing you
thinking about kissing you

how much it hurt when you said goodbye that day
and how i cried when i watched you walk away

i said that i would wait and for you i would be strong
but you left me here waiting alone for far to long

i can still feel your touch when i sleep at night
and i feel so dark cause when you left you took all my light

i used to smile all the time with you by my side
but now all i want to do is run from the world and hide

my friends think im stupid my parents worry
you said you were coming back so could you please hurry??

cause im falling apart bit by bit
but till you get back, here i will sit

The author's comments:
i posted my poems before i found this site on mibba under the fake name of bella conner.

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