Broken Heart

December 11, 2008
My heart was broken, My heart is fading
just morning in the heat of lust,
wanting to feel the love, just to be wanted, would this pain go way?

So i don't feel it anymore,
all this pain is tearing me up inside, limp from limb, just taking me down slowly,
making me wonder, if i can ever get my angel wings again,
If i will life to see tomorrow

So i can show them all that my heart will never be hurt again,
it will never fade, i will prove them,
i will show them that i am strong,
as long as i can get my wings back.
They say i can't, they say my life is gone.

All they see is a empty body, with no soul i sit and rot.
That's what happens when your love is gone, and your feel the beat of lust, pulling you.

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