Spirit Above Trying to Bring Love

December 11, 2008
By Jessica McDonald, Addieville, IL

It was such a terrible day,

Tony killed himself is all I could hear her say.
I started thinking and began crying,

I couldn’t ever imagine him dieing.
I called my mom and told her I was coming home,

I couldn’t leave Maria to deal with this all alone.
All I could think was how could he take his life,

And leave behind his kids and wife.
He was a truly great person,

But with everyday the stress would worsen.
The day that we had to say goodbye,

All anybody could do was cry.
Even though it was all so sad,

Then suddenly good things came from bad.
I hadn’t seen him in so long,

And he was trying to be so strong.
He came up to me and gave me the biggest hug,

It was like the most powerful drug.
I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face,

And I didn’t wanna be in any other place.
Me and him sat out and talked all night,

Whether it was wrong or it was right.
We continued to talk,

Then we went for a walk.
That night he stayed with me,

And with that made me happy.
He lives in Indianapolis,

That boy is so hard not to miss.
Donnie is his name,

And with anybody else its not the same.
He is the most caring person you’ll ever meet,

So he doesn’t get hurt he tries to be discrete.
But I know better than all of that,

No matter what he has got my back.
Those were all of the thoughts I had,

And then once again everything was bad.
He did something he said he would never do,

And all of this time I had no clue.
How could I have fallen for all of this,

Even though I know now it is me he will miss.

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