A Sestina for Basketball

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

A Sestina for Basketball

When I play basketball I practice to dribble
the ball to the basket
so that when a game
rolls around I will be able to shoot
and the posts will box out
in case I miss. That is the purpose for a team

in my opinion a team
should be able to do five things: dribble
the basketball, box out
when a shot goes up in case it misses the basket,
to be able to shoot

and to be prepared for a game!

You see, in a game
every single person on the court has a team.
On my team Sydney is the one to shoot
the ball, JoLynn is the appointed player to dribble
the ball, everyone drives it to the basket
And when the shot goes up our everyone box out!

If the shot goes up and we do not box out
that could cost us the game,
for Mr. Lily told us the basket
and the basketball are the two most important points for a team
to take care of and dribble out of trouble in order to shoot!

In practice, coach lets us shoot
and we all box out
in order to grab the rebound and dribble
down the court to win the game
and our team
does not have to run a down-and-back starting from under the basket.

So in the final game our basket
is what we need to protect and not let anyone shoot
or we let our team
down and ourselves, so we should box out
to win the game!
and always remember to practice to dribble.

In conclusion, dribble and drive to the basket.
To win a game you have to shoot!
And boxing out is a fundamental part in your team!

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