Where I'm From

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

I am from Disney movies, from Fisher Price, from OshKosh.
I am from the warm wood burning stove in my basement and hardwood floors upstairs.
I am from the cinnamon, the cedar.
I am from singing around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, from going out to family brunches on a regular basis, from Kerry and Paul, from Therkildsen.
I am from holding a barbeque every sunday on Calithumpian, from curling up and having family movie nights.
From "Because I'm the mom, and I said so." and "No picking through the nuts and bolts other people have to eat them to!"
I am from spending time with my family on Sundays at my house.
I am from Thamesford and my family can be found all the way back to Denmark.
I am from shephards pie, and pizza.
From the time my Papa would cover up any mess I madeor any trouble i got into. when he would sneak me more cookies when I was only suppose to have one.
From when my mom use to babysit other kids at my house and we would play school and dance and surf around my kitchen table to the Beach Boys.
I am from when my mom baked nuts and bolts or chocolate chip cookies and their yummy smell would fill the kitchen.
I am from my family and my friends, and they are a part of me.

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