A Sweet Musical

December 11, 2008
By Derrick Pierre, Miami Gardens, FL

As a do re mi plays on a piano’s silver keys
Light glistens from an open window
Shining on red and black chairs
On young and old, wives and widows
Fifteen hopeful souls keep their stare
A hundred more smile at each other
A mother at a father, sister at her brother

He calls to a pretty little girl with a ring
Her tiara glistens as she steps forward
He reaches for the ruby-coated silver heart circle
Stands and looks into the most beautiful eyes
He smiles as a single tear trickles

The father of all fathers, a child to his own
In his name he honors the two before him
Trust and care is all he asks of them
To give and keep for one another
He pronounces them as man and wife
They pronounce themselves as always and forever

A list of things to come to a special someone
Hope, we shall call him
He sits in his mechanical, automobile legs
He prays for only one, no other thing
But the love of the one he loves
For her to notice him, to feel the same
To him now it feels strange,
But he has trust, care… hope
His future…
Like everyone, he does not have a clue of

He comes to a home of one smile
A pretty little girl plays her piano
Turns to him and smiles, she smiles
And plays her beautiful little music
That Piano
She plays with her daddy’s soul
Her new mother’s sweet musical

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