Sunday Morning

December 11, 2008
By Izzy Setaro, Tenafly, NJ

My heart beats
upon yours,
as your warm breath heats
my blushing cheeks .

My gaze into your icy blue
eyes is frozen into a stare
while your hands swim
through my wavy tresses.

Our golden limbs, tangled,
in a hurricane of foamy white sheets;
and my fingers count
every freckle on your crisp shoulders.

Your sharp cheekbones
nestle into my neck
as my legs slither
against yours.

Your bee-stung
lips arrive on my feverish forehead;
while our fingers enmesh
into an unbreakable net.

You drive me into a parallel universe;
to nirvana.
And I hope
this moment never ends.

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on Dec. 24 2008 at 2:03 am
IZZY! This is sooo amazing. I didn't know you could write soo well! I love it and miss ya!

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