Flowers Forever

December 11, 2008
By Derrick Pierre, Miami Gardens, FL

Somewhere on this fatally lifeless life form
A flower grows nurtured by a special someone
She sits by the flower’s home day by day
Singing and watering, feeding and praying
That it will grow, healthy and strong at day break
Hoping for more than a striking new thing to look at
More than a strong sweet smell, to catch a tasty scent
She hopes to find the first something
that will not sting her or make her feel like nothing

When the flower finally grows utterly
The girl has done some growing as well
She is now a woman and has nothing else
Cares about nothing else, nothing more
When the flower grows too tall,
She snips it, with tears in her eyes
She sees all that she has hoped for
Turns it in her aging hands and smiles

She smiles with a grateful look…
At not only a thing of beauty, or gracious scent
But something for her ‘things I love’ scrap book
She knew she could love nothing else like this
A thing she will remember for sure
Not intentionally named, but remains to be scrap
To watch it grow memories forever more

Soon the day came, the girl that became a woman
The woman that became a content lady
The lady that slept without breathing
She slept forever in her gown, her peace
With her precious flower laid at her lifeless feet
Inside her pillow filled new home
Her tombstone reads grievingly

Rest in Peace, Her sweet flower
Woman of none lies beneath
Let her finally sleep
Gone from us but her memory
we will keep… our flower forever

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