The All-Nighter

December 10, 2008
By Joanne Allison, Flowery Branch, GA

Not too long till Christmas, just a couple weeks now,
So why am I dressed like it's spring?
My temperature's rising with every tired sip
of my mocha with extra caffeine.

Stayed at the library as long as I could,
Why aren't they open past ten?
Now I am forced to head home and that's where
those nasty temptations begin

“Taking a break for five minutes” starts well
But after an hour not so great
“I'll go to the bathroom” can take a bad turn
When I stop at the fridge on the way.

After my “snack” that was really a meal
I take in a smidge of TV
After 2 episodes, dendrites and phagocytes
are but a faint memory.

By this time I know that it's time to crack down
So after an hour spent with school
I “rest my eyes” briefly, but next thing I know
I wake up in a puddle of drool.

By this time the hour is just plain unhealthy
My bleary eyes stare down, debating
The meaning of big words like medulla, erythropoietin,
atherosclerosis, chymotrypsin, and stupi-crastinating.

By this time my java supply is running low
More fuel is required for this feat
I've stocked up on junk food, at least I'm prepared
But all that I want now is sleep.

By this time I'm sure I've got ten pounds attached
to my eyelids with miracle glue.
I'm shoveling food catatonically in
Too bad my mouth's too tired to chew.

If only I hadn't gone shopping on Monday
Why didn't I skip today's nap?
If only I'd used my time wisely, I wouldn't
Deserve the most vicious of slaps.

Why did I spend those hours staring at Facebook
That thing just deserves a deleting.
Why did I write that stupid poem
For that I myself need a beating.

By this time the sun's getting tired of resting
And I've had my fill of awakeness
As dark turns to light, my light's been on all night
Biology matters, NOT breakfast.

No time for a shower, who cares if I smell
MY olfactory senses don't work.
They're malfunctioning due to a lack of sleep
I'll settle for a change of my shirt.

I turn up my music as loud as it goes
Windows down, consciousness at stake
The cold air and loud noise will have to do
to keep this dead driver awake.

By this time, it's test time. I take out my pen
And prepare my vast knowledge to recite.
My head drops, oh no, and my eyes finally slam
Cause I've messed around and stayed up ALL NIGHT.

The author's comments:
The moral of this story? Don't procrastinate! All the same, anyone who has every stayed up all night to finish an assignment or study will identify with this poem. That's exactly what I was doing when I wrote it!

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