My favorite toy

December 10, 2008
By Emily Lynch, Avon Lake, OH

If the world was made of my playthings,
you would be my favorite doll, broken but lovely.
I'd carry you around in my pocket,
keep you safe and near me.
I would never let you go.
We'd play games of make-believe and dress up.
I'd take you sailing in a tea-cup and you'd sleep in a matchbox.
I'd be ever careful not to lose you, I couldn't bear the thought.
Your porcelain skin, I'd never chip, wouldn't remove your marble eyes.
I'd treat you well, but it'd never be enough, life isn't worth much, when you are merely my favorite toy.
Perhaps it wouldn't be good if you were my poppete, because I love you too much, that I couldn't ever let you go.

The author's comments:
I wrote this peice about a friend of mine when I was missing her, it's meant to be a bit weird, like the demented child grown up.

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