Sequence of Seasons

December 10, 2008
By Emily Johnston BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
Emily Johnston BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
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Birds are chirping, spring has come,
Rebirth and renewal, no one is glum
Every color, both dark and bright
Has sprout from the ground, standing with delight.
Children are laughing and playing about,
Waiting for the summer sun to come on out.
School lets out, and summer has begun.
Now is the time for fun for everyone.
Ice cream, swimming, and fun galore,
There is no way that this season could be a bore.
Now summer has ended, what a shame,
And it’s time for school and football games.
Leaves are falling down to the ground,
With colors of orange, red, and brown.
The weather is cool, and it feels nice,
But soon one starts to feel the ice.
It is winter now, snowflakes coming down,
Holiday cheer in the air and not one frown.
Children in the day bundled up so tight,
And curled up warm in the bed at night.
The cycle of the seasons keep coming and going,
Each year with different memories for showing.

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