i regret to inform you...

December 10, 2008
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i regret to inform you
that you have gone deeper than mad
here there are no levels
no way to tell how far
you have placed yourself
or to which side
of this abyss
this dark tide ebbing.

look at this
your head, your face
inside displayed across an edge.
it says
i am remembering
whether i am i
or whether not.
My eyes your eyes, twirl twirl
who i want to be:
an object on a glass table;
what you did the day after
things happened
when you walked by yourself
under orange light and rain
at night, droplets of water

still still
stand and drink up the sky
it is in itself and invisible thing
jump up
jump to another place
shocks of light
shadows slip quickly past the sky its eyes
are closed
blink twice

you are so lost
you are so lost that you don’t care

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