The Woman with the Crutches

December 10, 2008
The woman with the crutches
Stood out every day.
People walked right by her
As if she was okay.

She stumbled and she fell
She soon began to cry.
One man called his wife and said,
“Hurry, she may die.”

They rushed her to the hospital
As quickly as can be.
They told him she was hurt
And that she had broken her knee.

The kind man that he was
Went and took her home.
He even did her hair
From the curls to the foam.

Her daughter Rela came on by
But she was sad for her mother.
She wept and cried right on her knees
For she thought she would lose another.

The woman in the crutches
Is now a bit better.
She started to walk
When she got a letter.

It was from the man
Who helped her a year ago.
They are now friends
And their friendship has grown.

She is not dead.
Although her loneliness has come to its end.

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leslie B. said...
Mar. 17, 2009 at 10:15 pm
People who read this feel free 2 critique.
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