Lonely Girl

December 10, 2008
By Haley Sheldon, Branson, CO


She smiles with beauty,
But holds back the tears.
She's been longing to be loved,
Throughout all of her years.

She's beautifully broken,
She's falling apart.
She's begging for someone,
To help heal her heart.

She never feels safe,
Never wants to go home.
She hides in her room,
Not allowed on the phone.

She's not allowed to have friends,
Or watch the T.V.
She's dying inside,
She needs someone, you see?

When the door latch opens,
And her father walks in,
He stumbles to the fridge,
For another glass of gin.

He walks right by her,
Not knowing she's there.
A tear falls off her cheek,
As she wishes he would care.

Mother finally comes in,
And slams the door behind her.
She's screaming at her daughter,
While she's trying to find her.

She looks in the kitchen,
And now in her room.
The daughter knows she should come out,

Or her mom will find her soon.
So she climbs out quietly,
From the chair where she hid.
As her mother pulls her hair,

She wonders what she did.
She's thrown on the floor,
Where she curls up in a ball.
Not knowing whats coming,

Because she did nothing at all.
She feels some pressure,
On her skull real fast.
But the pain went away,

It never did last.
It never seemed to feel,
As bad on the outside,
As it did to the heart,

And everything on the inside.
The days were now over,
Where she'd cry and hide away.
No more suffering or worrying,

Not another day!
She was safe as she drifted,
Up there in the sky.
Her last prayer had been answered.

She'd been longing to die.
She was safe in Heaven,
With the man who clearly see's us.
She wrapped her arms around him,
She was hanging onto Jesus!

The author's comments:
Well, I'm the kind of girl who can sit down and write for hours. There is a song by Martina McBride called Concrete Angel that deals with some of the things that my poem is about. One day I just thought about that song and I started writing, and this is what I ended up with. Things like this really do happen, and its a shame. I hope this poem touches many peoples lives.

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