December 10, 2008
By Brianna Bernaerts, Wichita, KS

I come to a crossword
And try to decide which way to go
One way there is the sun and flowers
Beautiful but terrifying
The other the moon shines with monsters
Staring at me yet comforting me
Its my choice
I cant decide
I start to feel torn apart
Like im getting pulled in two different directions
I find there is nothing there
As I stand there a pressure builds up and finally relaxes
I close my eyes and open them
To find im looking at myself
But theres something that doesn’t feel right
Then this copy of mesmiles and
Walks toward the flowers and sun
And stop and beckons me forward
I shake my head and finally decide
My copy can go that way
I will walk toward the moon and monsters
As I walk away I close my eyes
Then a breeze passes by me
They open revealing not monsters but caring people
They are misjudged and will be there for me
When I need their help
They are my saviors, my friends, my life
I finally feel free
Like this was really was my only choice

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