These are deep words

December 10, 2008
By Stephen Erickson, Rockford, MI

These are deep words

When you look through your eyes, you can’t see the warmth you give off or the

happiness you spread.

But if you looked through someone else’s eyes it would be like a

Dream, another World.

And you would think that, that couldn’t be you.

But no; somewhere deep down, you do know.

Then you are back in your eyes, different, sad and un-happy……

Then when you step in front of the mirror you look in disgust.

But deep down that feeling you had when you were looking through

another’s eyes, sparked and yelled with approval at your face.


This is the way you should look at life,

Not through your eyes but through another’s.

Yes there will be rough and tragic times, but

At that time, is the time when you look to God and say thank you for life.

The author's comments:
I am what I am and I know it this is me and a reflection of my writing.

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