The Lost Time

December 10, 2008
By Anonymous

In one moment she is gone. In the change from night to day, she isn't there anymore. With a blink of an eye I realize I may never see her again. It hurts and I want to cry, but yet i know it wont solve anything. I'm fighting with my self over this. She is safe, she is safe is the only thing going through my head. I look for her face in the crowds and her figure in her cheer uniform, doing the one thing she loved, but like lightning hitting the ground it hits me she isn't here anymore. I think of the memories we share like hanging out before and after school, riding the elevator to first period, 8th, 9th and some of 10th togehter, and walking together with the same rhythm with left foot first and I have to fight back tears from rushing down my face like how a river rushes after a heavy rainstorm. How our plans for the next summers, homecoming, regency, prom, senior year, graduation, going out to dance and have fun, and our combination 18th partyt togehter may not go through as planned. It is depressing and it hurts I know, but i have to go through as if nothing has changed. It is how she wants it to happen. She is safe, she is safe is all that goes through my head.

The author's comments:
My best friend ran away. I thought I was going to loose it

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