Shovel In My Heart

December 10, 2008
By Allante Linton, Philadelphia, PA

They Jammed a shovel in my heart while I stood on my porch and put a permanent dent in my love source they stole my happiness so I took em to love court and they won so I gave up trying I did no more to prove myself I gave up striving the water got to deep so I gave up diving I realized I wasn’t slick so I gave up slidin I GAVE UP! Walked out the door like see you later cause see I never been the one that they favored seems the only thing that soothed me was my pen and my paper but I feel my minds harder than a jawbreaker feels like I was born to be a debater born miss understood such an explicit conversater it’s because im hated, frustrated, underestimated they know they adore her but they won’t say it Instead they wanna say Im crazy they say I was born female but im nothing like a lady They lookin at my mama like you must have dropped that baby cause she dum , she lazy, she fakin, she so unbasic but I just say I can’t erase so face it!

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