Let Your Talent Rest

December 10, 2008
Use your foolish eyes to grab me
In this moment you are insanity manifest
Drag my fresh corpse along the grass
Watch as my leaking limbs tickle the earth
And defy me
Deny my wrongfully self-righteous eyes
They point up at your face, trapped between swollen, squinting lids
This pause aches to be filled with the swirl of my tongue
You sigh shakily as if just recalling the consequence of smashing a knife through my teeth
So it lays weak in defeat as your efforts progress
I’d given up my talent to scream
Long ago I’d traded it for words that lie invisible to your gaze
If you could see them, you’d know they were the words you’d kill to say
And now while you kill, you forget to collect the beauty first
The smell is fading, and I don’t think I’ll remember why this is wrong until after it’s over

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