12 Noon

December 10, 2008
By Nikki Partin, Cincinnati, OH

12 Noon
The hour in which traffic crawls slowly like a turtle on its back
The hour which leads to the summit of Mount Everest
The hour in which hares hop hastening to “harestraunts”
The hour in which fast food is most acceptable for a human to devour with ravenous hunger as if they haven’t eaten for days
The hour in which coffee is needed to stimulate the mind into action
The hour in which most people attempt to rush around like cats on catnip and relax like a hibernating bear
The hour which colors the sky in an orange-reddish hue of watercolors on a laptop
The hour in which seclusion in a romantic spot with dim lights and candles with the “special someone” is not available
The hour which frustration is a deadly disease, threatening to blow instantaneously like the game of Minesweeper on an unsuspecting victim
The hour which tedious business reports that take hours to do with coffee enhanced minds are due

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