Build up Take down

December 10, 2008
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Look around, and see the biggest picture.
It is everywhere
In the beginning of time
The sea loved the sky
And together they made the leaders of the land
They made them to love from love
And the world was happy.
Soon they became not just the leaders of land
But of sea and sky too
They were the leaders of all they knew
And in learning they gained power
Then they found the family of stars
Even in domination the family teaches
The leaders became the learned
And the earth was not happy.
So the sky and the sea
Who still loved each other
Slowly took the rulers form their thrones
The leaders were soon replaced
By the powers that brought them to be
And in the end the leaders became the earth
And the earth became the sea and the sky
Who loved each other dearly.

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pinky said...
Jan. 7, 2009 at 1:25 am
i like. gives a prevew of what we are to expect as humans....
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