Breaking Free

December 10, 2008
By Anna Wilhelm, Lincoln, NE

Only a little longer
Until I’m the person
I’ve been longing for.
No more crawling on my belly for food.
No more leaves and greens.
My taste buds have broadened
To bigger and better things.

I’ll soar through the sky
Skimming the tops of bushes and trees,
The wind is now a factor,
But I think I’ll be able to handle that.
I’m no longer a creepy crawler
That some can’t bear to touch.
But soon I’ll be beautiful,
Admired by many.

I break through my binds,
The light blinds me,
It is so different than what I’ve known.
Squirming from the small hole,
I burst into the cool air,
Stretching my limbs,
Feeling weak and tired.
That doesn’t stop me,
I continue to strive,
To be the person I want to be.

I leap into the air,
Letting the wind catch my wings,
I soar high above the tree tops.
And see the world below me,
It is just a good as I have dreamed,
The excitement of my new life overwhelmed me.
My life had changed forever.
I am now the person I’ve been longing for.

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