December 10, 2008
You are quite an ugly muffin
Looking shameful next to the scones
Looking homely next to the banana nut bread
A cup cake gone horribly wrong
You lack pizzazz, and zip
Blueberries? Is that all?
The banana nut bread has banana and nuts, you know.
Lumpy mounds of dirt
Peaks and valleys on your top
Not smooth,
Not even triangular like the scone.
Scone sounds so European, so refined
Muffin sounds nomadic, coarse.
Are you worth it?
Are you worth $3.50?
I could get a doughnut for less
And yet,
With all your ugly, homeliness
I find something wholesome
Comforting me,
I am not a cupcake, scone, or banana nut bread girl,
I will take that ugly, only blueberry, wholesome muffin

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pluki said...
Dec. 18, 2008 at 10:25 pm
Hey Caitlin! I was really excited when I saw the poem titled Muffin. I just had to stop and read it, at least ten times. I should probaley tell you that muffins are my favorite food ever. I just love all the variety ya know? you sound like a person that i would get along with very well. I think we could be potential best friends, like not even kidding. ok i know you live in Lincoln but whatever, it doent even matter that i live in Wisconson at all. Have you ever been there? I bet you woul... (more »)
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