December 9, 2008

My mum
The musician
I didn’t know
That we weren’t normal
Its all I’ve ever had

The Subway
Was always my home
Rushing People
Back and Forth
I would ask
Mummy, Why do they run?
She would Say
Because they’re in a hurry

I didn’t know
That I was a target
For old men
Without wives to sooth them
My mum did.

He said he had a puppy
And that it wanted to see me,
I believed him
The puppy, is in that corner
By the stairs,
He said.

I followed him foolishly
We can go to the pet store later!
Mom objected.
I ignored her
I was stupid
There was no puppy in that corner
But many men
They scooped me up, ready to run
Mom screamed
Pushed them all down
I hit the ground
Everything black

But when I awoke
Mum was gone
I still wasn’t alone

Men in blue
With plastic sticks
That shoot

They told me mum was

They told me that I was being adopted,
That I was lucky.
But I wasn’t.
I wanted mum.

I kicked and screamed
Fought my way
They never gave up.
Never a day.

My new “home”
Was big and new
Reeked of clean
I have a bed
You should be glad
I told myself
School was hard.
Grade 2
All too new.

Life Goes on
Memories Fade
But what they did
Must be paid.

So be careful
Be aware
And always look
When someone stares
Because that women
May seem nice
But in a second
She’ll turn to

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