Once a Happy Story

December 9, 2008
By Teicher Hart, Santa Fe, NM

I am from the four scared mountains
From horses running free in the feilds
From fire wood burning at the ceremonies
From my grandmother tying my hair in a Navajo bun

I am a Navajo girl roaming the Earth
From the dark nights to sun rise
From praying beside my grandmother
From chasing the sheep
From a long days work

I am a Navajo learning my culture
From lying in the feilds as the horses graze
From my grandmother yelling at me in Navajo
From hearing the sheep blah
From my grandmother butchering sheep to "achee"

I am a determined Navajo from the four scared mountains
From hauling water to the animals
From a happy ending until the nightmare began
I am a Navajo running from the two legged creatures
From hearing gun shots and cries of my people
From blood covering my hands as I hold on to my life
From the last thing I saw my father jumping off the cliff

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