Keep Christ in Christmas

December 9, 2008
By Kelly Christiansen, Kenner, LA

Christ was born in Bethlehem and it was a very miraculous event,
From his birth we now have Christmas,
Which means more than just presents.

Christmas is a time to reflect on the birth of Christ,
It is a time of joy and care;
For when we all get caught up in our own needs,
We forget others’ despairs.

Christ is the reason for the Christmas time,
Many forget, and that is a crime.

Keeping Christ in Christmas is very important to remember,
The presents and galore should be of less care;
For all things of Christmas are from this birth,
Christmas should be a time of love and share.

Christians should always keep Christ in Christmas,
For it is the right thing to do;
All should recognize this holiday,
For what is really meaningful and true.

Christ is the reason for our life on earth,
The Christmas holiday only started because of his birth.

Christ is our beloved Savior,
He died for us so it is only right to do him this one favor.

Keeping Christ in Christmas should always be done,
Because Christ was the chosen one.

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