December 9, 2008
I feel like I’m running out of time
Six months later I swear I’ll be fine
Every moment I’m walking the line
Tearing between reality and the resentment building in my mind
Calling for change
Re-coordinating my days
I step out and breath in the sunshine
My time has come and passed
I knew it was too good to last
As I breath in my last breath I take my final test
Could I stand to leave this behind?
Will this haunt me that I was blind?
I promise myself that could never be
I take myself out of the equation of both you and me
Your long gone
The wind is washing m away
The dreams I had faded every day
I built up the momentum to cross paths with my shallow grave
I’d lost my purpose
Yet I kept searching
Wandering around
Replacing the place I knew I was bound
Reciprocating your quiet humming
I blamed you until I failed the test
You proved I never knew what was best
I lost my soul
That very day
Right after I mustered the strength to walk away
Tears streaming down my face
You were the one security I could never replace
I chose to end the continuing race
I didn’t follow the directions
I strayed from the path
And here I am
Repeating the very day
I lost my soul

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