Forced on Bloody Feet

December 9, 2008
By Andrew Meyer, New Paltz, NY

Forced on bloody feet,
Left me to the employment of
Other seekers—desperate for gain,
Starving for gold.
In the hands
Of one
Nation under
God is a belief
Starving for the rights
To talk, to speak, to walk, too weak?
To strive in a technological world
To reach for what is needed
To touch what has been touched in other times
By greats
Who lived
Who loved?
The world
Who loved today?
Today the world stood still
That didn’t stop
Loving today
Living today
Today’s today
Living to be swayed
Is not the way
To live
To love
To be in what is now
To testify the world
Is to testify my life
My Rights
As a being
Who lived
Who loved today
To trust your mom
Is to trust your hand in another’s
We go to sleep at night
In Fright?
With the world bombing
Our life
We lived today
We loved today and now
Forced on Bloody Feet,
Left me to the employment of
Other Seekers-Desperate for gain

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