December 9, 2008
By SrfRidr93@aol.com GOLD, Davie, Florida
SrfRidr93@aol.com GOLD, Davie, Florida
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She hopes to make all her next free-throws
Especially pleasing to the eye,
Like reflected paths of light
When the sun is above the horizon.
And how many hits has he taken,
From ancient time until today?
Wishing to prove,
Assume temporarily,
That it is not raining outside.
Both equal, they wish to locate
The angle of depression,
Define the tangent,
Apply the means
By studying the lengths of their shadows,
Estimating the depths of the craters on the moon.
We can change either one of them into the other;
The value is not affected.
But when a lifetime goes into a slump
It is often necessary to replace,
To make any necessary changes,
Remeasure and record,
Change the scale,
To minimize the cost.
But if this broken thing has survived the test,
What is the probability that you can join the pieces?

The author's comments:
The above poem is a collage taken from bits and pieces of my geometry text book. (Geometry by Ray C. Jurgensen, Richard G. Brown, and John W. Jurgensen (Hardcover - Jan 2000)
I took out words and phrases and changed some words then compiled them into an orignal poem.

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