Fancis and Bob

December 9, 2008
By Sarah Fox BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Sarah Fox BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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There once was an old man named Francis Henry who lived in the lowest part of town.
He was always so gloomy and his mood was so down.
Francis had no family, no friends, no job,
Only a shack and his equally gloomy dog Bob.
They lived only on food stamps and the occasional unemployment check.
Francis prayed he would not break his neck.
One day as Francis and Bob were taking their morning stroll around the block,
Francis saw an old woman and a dog she called Popock.
Instantly Francis and Bob’s gloomy attitudes stopped.
They each fell so head over heals for the couple they almost popped.
Francis got a job, money, and a better home,
And worked up the courage to talk to the woman, while bringing along his lucky comb.
The woman confessed she was in love with Francis Henry, too,
And they started a relationship which was all brand new.
A white and red doghouse was picked with care
In hope that puppies from Bob and Popock would come along to share.

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