What a Surprise

December 9, 2008
What a Surprise
The lights beam brightly
As we clinch each other’s hands tightly.
We say a prayer together and hope for the best.
We wish to do better than the rest.
Our team is called, and we rush on to mat.
Now, there is no turning back.
Our adrenaline pushes us farther than we’ve gone before.
We smile, but we desperately want to run off the floor.
The crowd cheers; we are almost done.
Now all that’s left is to hear who won.
We approach the mat; the awards begin.
All of the athletes are anxious to see who will win.
Our category is reached.
All we can hear is our own heart beats.
Third place and second place are called.
We now know that we were the best after all.
They call our name for the first place prize.
We actually did it; what a surprise!

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