The Breakdown

December 9, 2008
By Casey Petit, Cincinnati, OH

Here comes the breakdown.
Howling winds of the storm.
Shaking tree leaves on thin branches.
Tiny pin-shaped rain drops crash into puddles on the ground.
The angry sway of trees branch-like arms back and forth.
The breakdown of the thunder from the clouds.
The painful shatter of lightning in the dark sky.
A gust of wind weaves itself though the trees,
Destroying everything in its path.
Animals hide to escape the frightening strom.
Flying birds are chased by the hurricanes horrifying grip.
Houses are demolished as the winds gigantic feet plow through the neighborhoods.
Groans and grumbles from the thunder continue on.
Slowly the rain stops and the wind weakens.
This is the countdown to a better day.
Tomorrow is waiting.
And we are waiting for the breakdown.

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