December 9, 2008
By Anonymous

My worst fear come true, oh how i knew, it was all just to good to be true, but i went for it anyway. Maybe this will help me...someday. I hoped and i prayed. Maybe i should have gone down the road i did. It was sunny and clear, but as the end drew near, it clouded up and filled me with fear. I kept on walking trying to brave. Some one come help me, someone come save. I have a hole where my heart use to be. Can it be mended? Has it ended? Is it sticked? No don't go back for it now, he has it, my heart he can't give it back.
That's one thing you can take, but can never reture. Maybe i'll learn. Every time i hear his name...I know i'll never be the same. Maybe this was ment to be. Oh God come heal me! Only you can return m heart, and take away the pain as if there wwas no dart.

The author's comments:
This past summer i learn at lot of things, one of witch is you may fell traped, but writeing will let it all out. You will learn from yourself and grow.

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