Conflict and Crisis

December 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Many soldiers line the damp snow
Felled by a feared and nameless foe
How mankind had stooped to a low
The wife and child sobbed with woe

Artillery shells laden the sky
From the soldier comes gloomy sighs
Promise of conquest is a lie
Had the sword gone so far awry

Across the world is no gladness
Only crazed and insane madness
Always stayed a hint of sadness
Spice in life tasted of blandness

The air is drenched in troopers fear
The enemy far and yet so near
Gunshots the only thing you could hear
Hung below the eye a grave tear

Helicopters close to the ground
There are soldiers yet to be found
Dead bodies piled in a mound
By night a howl escaped the hound

The mighty jungle stands so tall
Constructed as natures grand wall
Yet the soldiers will fell it all
Leaving only an empty hall

Tanks and airplanes fire rockets
Find a target, you must lock it
Citizens empty their pockets
They, the war efforts main sockets

The chaos of conflict spread fast
Would the effects of the war last?
Winds of war drive a sturdy mast
Could the world return to the past?

That is a question of the ages

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