Wake Up

December 7, 2008
wake up

wake up. see your life. quit being blind, or else you'll fall behind. don't let anything keep you behind the lines. you deserve to shine. quit telling lies, tell the truth with your eyes. quit complaining, no betraying, just start praying. turn your thoughts off and turn your heart on. be the one to prove them wrong, show them you've had it in you all along. let loose you silly goose. not uptight, not always right. take a risk, take a flight.if you fall, at least you tried, simply means its not your area in life. move on, you'll succeed. don't be ashamed, be proud of what you do. don't be afraid, don't you dare blame. when you've had enough, get tough, shout it out, and let it go. don't be tense, just relax, things will make sense. you don't need the stress. don't fall apart, you need your heart. eyes opened, keep yourself focused.and when you get to where you're going, you can make a toast, because you accomplished the things you wanted most. katelyn

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