Let Me Keep My Wings

December 7, 2008
By Catie Deiley, Leesport, PA

Silent tears flow from faces of
morose sorrow
How easy it would be for Them
If only
They would cast Their
Black Burdens from Their
bleak, soggy Mindset.

Why not believe instead of
Why should You pull Your bow off the
wall and with Your
Poisoned Arrow
Shoot my
white wings,
cause me to plummet to the
Murky swamp far below me?

Let me be.
Give me back my feathery
soft hopes,
in your hands
Powerful in me.
Give me back my wings and
let me be
Happy. Let me
on the wind I can create.

Why dwell on the gray?
Why torture Yourself?
Why diminish what You can do out of
fear of the Unknown?
Why drag others with You into the
Stark shadows on Your trip, Your

My ideas swirl, I can't stand it.
Insanity is welcome with the
Long Sighs and
depressed posture. Slouch in Your
hard Chair.
Malnourished and serious as You are...
Neglect the
bright eyed,
yellow giggles just inches crom Your
sallow fingertips.

All this building inside me...
there's no room for this
doomed turmoil, this.
I sit
comatose to my surroundings,
staring my blank
stare my musty
Take the smile from my face and destroy it.
Take those yellow giggles if You
Steal my wings and push me
into that dull gray existance.

The path of avoidence lies close,
will we take it?
Smiles are nearby but
ignorance is stronger than proposed
My terrified heart beats
harder as I clutch those wings to my chest.

Your arrow will not Pierce me.
I will remain whole and my
will stay intact.
I guarantee
Gray will not become my color
I will stay
afloat in the swampy.
My wings
will stay.

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