The Final Rejection

December 7, 2008
By MarisaC BRONZE, Norwell, Massachusetts
MarisaC BRONZE, Norwell, Massachusetts
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The Final Rejection

I take a plastic bag and a knife
I cut my wrists to release pain and to end my life
I fall to the holy shrine and Say my final prayers
I hope suicide is something I won’t regret later

I place the plastic bag over my head
Praying and hoping that soon I’ll be dead
I start to choke and suffocate
I see an expanding light figure shutting a gate

Wait it’s Jesus! It’s my savior!
He sighs sorrowfully and now I regret my behavior
Wait I didn’t write a will!
I want to back to fulfill
My lord’s will!

I appear at my funeral
I ask people as they walk by, “Where am I?”
I turn to Jesus, “ Did I die”?
Jesus nods and no one answers
Jesus leads me over to my father
Father I just wanted to die
Mother, please don’t cry!

They start to play Ave Maria
I’m in the casket unable to move
No one is here to comfort me
The light I just didn’t see
Where am I going? Where am I going?
Jesus sheds a tear
Then the devil appears

Here comes my worst fear
He grabs my hand to take me to his land
I wave goodbye
Jesus doesn’t see
Please someone anyone take me home
Why did I choose to die?
I know I’m being taken to hell
Does anyone love me?
I now don’t want to die
He leads me to my grave
He yells “ Deal with it and be brave”
I fall to my knees
And hope my pain will seize
Mother will you come with me?
Father will you remember me?
I am your daughter
Who hid my depression
Now I wish I could have fought
With much more aggression
This now ends my final rejection

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Paraguay95 said...
on Jan. 8 2009 at 11:49 pm
This may seem like a devastating poem I wrote but when you look the true message is hiddden. The message is that nobody knows what happens after death but no matter what suicide is permanant. Regret is not the message, but knowing that death intentional or un intentional will be permanant and the affects on everyone will last forever.


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