December 7, 2008
By Amy K, Flower Mound, TX

I have a brother
His name is David
I don’t know his favorite color
Or what he wants to be when he grows up
I don’t remember the last time I hugged him
And he’s never told me he loved me
I’ve never made him laugh
And he doesn’t look me in the eye
We don’t talk on weekends
Or have funny memories of our childhood

I wish I had a brother
His name would be David
His favorite color would be green,
but he looks best when he wears blue
He’s studying to be a doctor of some sort,
Oh how I would miss him,
he’d go away to college
I would be certain he loved me
Because we would be inseparable when he came home
We would wish for the old days when we played on the swing set in the backyard

I have a brother
His name is David
I wish I could replace my real David,
for the David I’ve always wished for.

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