Love Songs

December 7, 2008
There's a million love songs out there
But not one can describe it all
The way you always listen
There to catch me should I fall
Always rooting for me
Although I know I can be a pain
It's all very confusing
I thought love was for the vain

But love's not all compliments and words thrown around
It's knowing you'll always be there
No matter what comes down
I think "I love you" is now not enough to say
Because you hear "I love you" so much every day
It's sad to see something so meaningful
Be wasted all the time
To know that all these people
Might never truely find
What it is they're so carelessly throwing around

I hope that you can see
That that's not the way I am
When I say "I love you"
I really give a damn
So although it may be said every day
I still mean it anyway
When I say
I love you
I mean it
Forever and always

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