White Night

December 7, 2008
By Leah Goode, Conway, AR

I find myself outside,
A world of sparkling whiteness surrounding me,
Candescent in radiance,
An exuberant wonder.

I find myself staring up at the sky,
In awe,
The sliver of an incandescent moon hanging in the clouds,
Achromatic, flakes of dazzling white snow falling from the black abyss of night sky.

I find myself gracefully,
Delicately falling,
Slipping into the magical spell of this night,
On the ground,
Stretching out,
Wishing I could remain here for eternity,
Void in everything except awe,
Frost covers and engulfs my body in marvel.

I find myself instantaneously and rapidly drifting into an apathetic slumber,
I awake to the soft feel of snow against me,
My surroundings are frosted and wintry,
The snow still gently falls to the earth in serenity,
I am inept,
And powerless in this sight,
The sight of pure glory atop of the world.

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