Favorite Authors

December 7, 2008
The wonderful author J.K. Rowling
Wrote Harry Potter because her stomach was growling.
She will never have to wonder about her next meal,
As she signs the line for a new movie deal.

The inspirational S.E. Hinton
Tells some tales not meant for infants.
The characters live most dangerous lives
And are sometimes lucky just to be alive.

My idol is Stephanie Mayer.
A coffee I wish to buy her.
We could chat and topics we wouldn’t lack
For I’d tell her my opinion of one Jacob Black.

Infamous Stephen King
Tells stories to make your head ring.
He weaves such tales of suspense and surprise;
You can hardly believe your eyes.

Creepy Edgar Allen Poe
Writes yarns that would frighten your foe.
His stories can frighten;
Yet to decide what happens, your senses will heighten.

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