The Storm

December 7, 2008
All is clear, open and blue
Light wind, and sunny, the perfect day?
Then all of a sudden
Gray begins taking over
Darker, and darker, and darker the world becomes
What's coming next is no suprise
Little droplets start escaping from up above
Timidly, as if they are unsure
Then the confidence grows
And little by little those tiny timid droplets
Start pounding the ground, gaining muscle
Wind starts picking up
Blowing everything and anything it can grab
Trees dance, side to side mixing in their beat with the water pounding on the ground
Leaves are swept up and twirled around, unwillingly, almost like a tired ballerina
Squiggly bright lights hit the open ground
A deafening boom is followed
The world shakes to every loud beat
Then as soon as it had come, it disappeared
And all you can see is clear, open, blue
Light wind, and sunny, it's the perfect day

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